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Holiday Schedule (4th of July)
We will be closing early at 10am, Pacific Time, Thursday (7/2) and closed all day Friday (7/3). You may still order online, but will have to wait til Monday (7/6) for it to be processed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Maintaining a proper mineral balance, has proven to be a vital key to health and well being.

Thank you for being here.  May we take just a moment to introduce ourselves.

WaterOz was born in recognition of the fact we are not getting the mineral nutrition our bodies need from the processed foods available today.  The over processing of our foods complicated by the chemical additions of fertilizers, and the depletion of minerals from our soils has resulted in the need for mineral supplementation.  As minerals are absorbed, they must be "activated" in the body.  This activation process involves conversion of the colloidal minerals into ionic minerals.  This process is vital for the cells to access and use the mineral properly.  (Click here to learn more about colloidal Vs. ionic minerals)
Specific minerals facilitate specific functions in the organs and tissues where they are predominantly stored.  Each element achieves its power through bio-chemical combination with other elements.  In other words, ionized minerals work synergistically with each other.  After starting WaterOz products, some people feel a difference in as little 48 hours, for others there is a more subtle change that takes longer to recognize.  Ultimately, most people feel increased energy, an improved sense of well being, and an overall feeling of better health.  It is very important to remember that nutritional supplements should be considered part of a long-term health program and not a quick fix. slide02_pmpw.jpg

Remember, as with everything in life, balance is important.  The importance of nutritional supplements is widely recognized.  Use WaterOz minerals and products for improving and maintaining your health.  WaterOz products give you the opportunity to take charge of your health.  Not only do we manufacture ionized minerals utilizing the purest minerals available, but we also manufacture all natural body soaps and carry a full line of high quality essential oils.

Again, welcome to the world of WaterOz!
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"Your products have been a blessing to our family and have helped us reach new levels of health that have been remarkable."
A. Edwards - Tacoma, WA

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